Wilson Elementary Receives Great Expectation Award

Hali Giermann

Staff Writer

On March 26, 2013, Wilson Elementary School received the distinction of Great Expectations Model School.

Great Expectations is a program that is designed to give teachers the skills needed to add excitement to the atmosphere and to create a climate of mutual respect. It improves self esteem, attendance, and discipline which improves academic excellence. To earn a Model School status, ninety to one hundred percent of the teachers must use all of the Great Expectations’ classroom methods on a daily basis.

Wilson Elementary attained the Model School status within one school year whereas normally it would take five years to complete.

“We were looking into a new program to make a positive change in our school. We did our research and believed in the same ideals as this program so we thought we’d take the challenge and do this in one year. We were already doing a lot of the things this program requires, but it gave us more ideas and principles,”  Wilson Elementary teacher Crickett Roberts said.

In June 2012, the teachers attended a four day training session  with the Great Expectations Institute. In September 2012, Principal Chris Nester entered the paperwork to apply as a Model School. Later, a representative from Great Expectations came to visit the school to review it. Throughout the school year, the teachers went to many meetings with the Great Expectations development team.

The students at Wilson also worked hard to follow the expectations and rules of the program.

“The atmosphere has changed so much because our learners feel safe yet are celebrated for their accomplishments. Our learners are consistently practicing their life principles. (leadership, honesty, friendship…etc) Teachers had to change just a little. We made sure that we had a climate of mutual respect. When our learners answer or ask questions, they speak in complete sentences by addressing the class and restating the question. We’ve seen an improvement in their writing as well. Our learners are also greeters, they have learned to greet guests and look them in the eyes while shaking hands, which is a life skill. It was a change for our learners, but once they realized that all the educators had bought in, they did too. They like to be celebrated for their ideas and accomplishments. Believe it or not, they like to meet their teacher’s expectations. They also love to have their work displayed with immediate and positive feedback.” Roberts said.

On Saturday May 4th, Wilson Elementary proudly displays their Model School banner across the front of the school. Wilson was the first school in North Texas to receive this outstanding award.

On Saturday May 4th, Wilson Elementary proudly displays their Model School banner across the front of the school. Wilson was the first school in North Texas to receive this outstanding award. Photo by Hali Giermann

Wilson Elementary is the first and only school in North Texas to be a model school, and is one of five Model Schools in the entire state of Texas. Wilson has become a role model for other schools in the area, and is an inspiration for other schools to receive Great Expectations in the future. It’s a great honor, and has positively changed the education students are receiving.

“It feels great to receive this award. All the educators in our building worked really hard. We were evaluated on a daily basis with walk throughs and peer observations. We worked as a team to accomplish one goal, which brought us together as a tight knit family. And to know, that we are the second school of many that were able to achieve this goal in only a year. I believe this is only the beginning of many great things for our school. This will improve our relationships with our learners and parents. We are creating respectable leaders at our school,” Roberts also said.

As of April 23, Mayor of Coppell Karen Hunt declared April 29 as Wilson Elementary day.

Congratulations Wilson Elementary on this great accomplishment!


STAAR chasing in Coppell

By: Amy Roh

Coppell High School students are eagerly counting down the weeks left of the school  year, but there is one more thing left to do. That’s right, standardized testing. STAAR , otherwise known as the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, has recently replaced the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test to ensure a more course-specific exam.

Either way, these past few  months have been a hectic whirlwind of end of course exams for CHS students, signaling the last home stretch before summer break. Now that the juniors have completed their standardized testing for the year, it’s time for the freshmen to step up to the plate.  Mondays and Tuesdays will be carved out of the week for Biology, Algebra I and World Geography on Wednesday, Geometry on Thursday and World Geography/AP Human Geography on Friday.

Finals creeping up on CHS students

By: Julia Jahrman


With the school year ending, Coppell High School students find out that final exams are closer than expected. This causes several students not only at Coppell High School, but students all over Coppell to wonder if they will be exempt from the dreaded exams.

Finals are to take place durning the first week of June. This gives the Coppell students more time to get their grade and attendance in order so they can enjoy their last week of school!

Respira makes appearance

By: Kaylee Barr


A new choir group named “Respira” has been created to show off multiple types of talent. Singing alone is no longer enough for performances; this group involves different styles of dancing while they express strong vocals. Respira is for sophomore through senior girls that are willing to be committed to practices and competitions. Since this is a fresh and new way to show talents, the girls are having a showcase for the school and public to see just what they have to offer. This will happen on April 19th at 7:30 p.m. in the CHS Auditorium. For more information click here.

Early Bond Voting

                                                              Early Bond Voting

                                                            By: Kaitlin Pagtolingan


The Coppell Independent School District is considering new educational differences at various schools ranging anywhere from elementary school through high school. The school board is getting ready to make a decision, for the school year 2013-2014. Some of the differences include new technology, such as new iPads for every student that attends Coppell High School, new furniture, etc.. to make a more modern and up-to-date yet comfortable environment for their child.  They’re allowing Coppell parents to vote at close elementary school locations such as  Mockingbird Elementary, Wilson Elementary, Valley Ranch Elementary, and Pinkerton Elementary. In order to vote, parents must bring their driver’s license. Voting continues through out the day today, May 6, 2013 and the election results will be told on Saturday, May 11, 2013.


Summer school deadlines


By: Luz Ornelas

Coppell ISD deadlines for course-recovery, such as any failed courses or an opportunity for credit acceleration for students in High School and Middle School will be due June 10th. This opportunity is offered with various high quality academic programs arranged to provide and attend different summer activities. Secondary Summer School initiates June 17th – July 18th at Coppell High School. Registration Sheets can be found at the CHS website as well as other important details.


STEM hosts banquet

Kara Hallam

Opinions Editor

  Science lovers and engineer prodigies celebrated another great year in the Coppell high school science technology engineering and math program at the STEM banquet this past Friday.

    STEM students met in the CHS commons where they listened for an hour and a half to speeches from the STEM faculty and awards were given out to the students. Along with these awards four STEM students received $500 scholarships.

   The banquet was catered by J Macklin’s Grill and cookies and cake were also served.